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Where does
the project take place?
At SWISSARTEXPO 2023 in the
Zurich main station. The art festival with 80,000 passers-by every day at the most visited hotspot in Zurich!

The exhibition starts on September 6, 2023 and lasts until September 10, 2023

The details
Here you can find all details about the project
  • The registration deadline is August 2, 2023

  • The finalists and semi-finalists will be announced on August 10, 2023

  • 10 finalists and 20 semi-finalists will be selected

  • the original artworks of the 10 finalists will be shown at SWISSARTEXPO 2023

  • all transport costs of the works of art from the artist to SWISSARTEXPO and back are paid

  • the 20 semi-finalists will receive a personal catalog with their artworks, which will be shown at SWISSARTEXPO 2023

  • All participants (not just the semi-finalists and finalists) will be shown on two large 86" 4K screens  during SWISSARTEXPO 2023 in a prime location in the lounge at the entrance

  • Participation fee EUR 45

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